Quantum dot enhanced formula, produced in Germany.

Relieve pain and
inflammation in joints,
muscles, and back*

Ease rheumatic arthritis and
stimulate cells to help build
joint cartilage*

All natural supplement

No chemicals,
no synthetics

Nano ingredients &
bioactive quantum dot
to boost effectiveness

naturCortisan is the latest advancement in natural pain supplements. While there are thousands of natural substances that can heal, they are often too weak to be effective and require large dosages over long periods of time. With Quantum dot technology, our herbal supplements have been boosted to be up to 5,000 times more powerful than the original ingredient. Our unmatched use of bioactive quantum dot technology makes a small dose highly effective.*

Unlike name brands like Tylenol® and Aleve®, naturCortisan is entirely natural — no chemicals, no synthetics, just ingredients from nature.*

Don’t spend your
day in pain!*

Neck and back pain, muscles aches, and stiff joints shouldn’t be your everyday norm. With naturCortisan, you can break the painful cycle and find lasting relief from inflammation.*


naturCortisan uses quantum dot technology to directly heal affected areas, acting quick and reducing inflammation for longer.

HOW naturCortisan gel CAN HELP

Designed to prevent and reduce inflammation through anti-inflammatory agents like incense and curcumin, naturCortisan is an all-encompassing solution to pain relief.* Its unique formulation allows for it to deliver a quick therapeutic effect; treating even severe, strong pains.*

Promptly target key areas found in your neck, back, shoulders, hands, and feet. naturCortisan promotes healthy joints and muscles by eliminating stiffness and aches.*